Monica Vialpando

I’ve traveled the world exploring multiple styles of yoga and learning from teachers in various disciplines. I began my yoga journey practicing Bikram in 2007 and later transitioned to an Ashtanga-based style after meeting Larry Schultz in Brussels. I then earned my 260-hour teacher’s certifications in 2012 at Yoga Loft in Brussels and 50-hour Rocket training in 2015 at Asta Yoga in San Francisco. I prefer teaching privates and smaller class sizes because I believe an intimate setting creates a more comfortable environment where students can let go and establish a better connection with themselves.

Upon relocating back to the States in 2015, I began exploring cannabis and yoga as a way to deepen both my connection to self and body. I partner with my friend and cannabis lifestyle guide Johanna Nuding of Casually Baked. We offer custom cannabis for wellness experiences combining travel, cannabis culture, education, and yoga. If you're interested in learning more about our Kumbaya and Cannabis retreats, please inquire here.

Dr. Vialpando also partners with:

Casually Baked
Cannibis Class Explorer Retreats to explore a modern cannabis lifestyle: food, culture, community, yoga, mindfulness, and cannabis education

Office Meet Yoga (OMY)
A team of seasoned yogis ready to bring mindfulness and yoga classes to you, when and where you need them most: at work.

Small Group Training in yoga